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Discover QGIS 3.x

A Workbook for Classroom or Independent Study

by Kurt Menke

PDF $35.00
400 pages
ISBN 978-0998547763
Published ETA April 2019

Explore the latest Long Term Release (LTR) of QGIS with Discover QGIS 3.x!

A comprehensive up-to-date workbook built for both the classroom and professionals looking to build their skills

Designed to take advantage of the latest QGIS features, this book will guide you in ramping up your maps and analysis.

Discover QGIS 3.x is an update of the original title, using the QGIS 3.6 LTR, covering Spatial analysis, Data management, and Cartography.

Inside you'll find a brand new section, Advanced Data Visualization, covering:

  • Blending modes
  • Live layer effects
  • Expression-based symbology
  • Geometry generators
  • Time Manager
  • 3D
  • Mesh data

The book is a complete resource and includes:

  • All data, discussion questions, and solutions
  • Challenge exercises
  • Enhanced workflows and techniques
  • Lab exercises

The workbook is edited by Kurt Menke, a highly experienced FOSS4G educator.

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The book is slated for publication in April, 2019. A preview version of the book will be available in March.

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