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About Us

Locate Press is a book publisher, focusing on the open source geospatial niche.

Many traditional publishers see geospatial books as either scientific content or geared primarily toward consumers. Unfortunately, this means they don't give them the long term care they truly deserve. With more and more technical users using open source geospatial technology (for a wide variety of reasons!), now, more than ever, you need comprehensive and reliable education and training resources.

You’ve come to the right place!

We know that niche is not a swear word, but a marketplace that needs serious support. Geospatial data management is a core technology for government and business, making practical teaching materials for industry and higher education crucial. We also know that reliable availability of material is key. Our books, once available, remain available long after the first few thousand are sold so that you can depend on them for course material and reference long into the future.

If you are an educator looking for high quality curriculum, we would like to hear from you. Aside from training books, we are also aiming to provide workshop guides and exercise booklets that you can use in your courses!

Academia is not the only place for learning and training, so Locate Press supports consultants delivering workshops and seminars. If you have solid, practical material that needs some professional polish, give us a call. Likewise, if you need bulk orders to serve your students, or to resell, you can order online print copies with bulk discounts.

Locate Press was founded by Tyler Mitchell in 2012, it's flagship book being The Geospatial Desktop by Gary Sherman. In 2013 Gary Sherman took over the helm as publisher, guiding the company until 2021 when Locate Press returned to Tyler.

If you have an idea for a new book title or project, please consider submitting a proposal. We look forward to working alongside you!

Ordering Information

Our paperbacks can be ordered from Amazon or Ingram. E-books (PDF) can be ordered and downloaded directly from our Purchase E-books page.

If you need multiple print copies of our titles, contact us directly to place an order and save up to 20% when you purchase five or more copies. We print in, and ship from USA, UK, and Australia, but can deliver almost anywhere.

To get a quote and/or place an order, please contact us for details. Before you order, please read our Return Policy.

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