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PyQGIS Programmer's Guide 3

Extending QGIS 3 with Python 3

by Gary Sherman

Book cover for PyQGIS Programmer's Guide 3 by Locate Press

PDF $34.99
252 pages
ISBN (Print) 978-0998547725
ISBN (PDF) 978-1734464344
Published 2018-03-15 

Welcome to the world of PyQGIS, the blending of QGIS and Python to extend and enhance your open source GIS toolbox. With PyQGIS you can write scripts and plugins to implement new features and perform automated tasks.

This book is updated to work with the next generation of QGIS–version 3.x. After a brief introduction to Python 3, you’ll learn how to understand the QGIS Application Programmer Interface (API), write scripts, and build a plugin.

This book is designed to allow you to work through the examples as you go along. At the end of each chapter you will find a set of exercises you can do to enhance your learning experience.

The PyQGIS Programmer's Guide is compatible with the version 3.0 API released with QGIS 3.x.


The final book is available as now in both print and PDF format.

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Specific questions or concerns should be directed to: [email protected].

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  1. Introduction
  2. Python Basics
  3. Setting Up Your Development Tools
  4. The QGIS/Python Ecosystem
  5. Changes from Python 2 to 3
  6. Navigating the QGIS API
  7. Using the Console
  8. Running Scripts
  9. Tips and Techniques
  10. Extending the API
  11. Writing Plugins
  12. Creating a Development Workflow
  13. Converting Code to QGIS 3
  14. Writing a Standalone Application
  15. Answers to Exercises
  16. Appendix A: Code Listings

PyQGIS Programmer's - Errata

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Gary Sherman has a wide and varied background, including that of geologist, mining engineer, software engineer, publisher, and author. He has authored both technical books and articles, as well as fiction.

In 2002, he founded the popular open source QGIS project and has published several books on the topic.

For eight years, Gary was at the helm of Locate Press, publisher of books on open source software.

Gary has published a number of novels as G.E. Sherman—see for a list of books and descriptions.

When writing fiction, he draws on the depth of his background, providing vivid descriptions of life on the last frontier, wildlife encounters, and survival. Further, his experience as an outdoor enthusiast provides inspiration in the stories he tells.

Gary Sherman resides in Alaska and regularly watches moose from his living room window.

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