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Open the Door to GIS

Student and Teacher Edition

by Toni Fisher

Book cover for Open the Door to GIS by Locate Press
Student Edition:
PDF $14.99
114 pages
ISBN 978-0998547718
Published 2017-05-15
Teacher's Edition:
PDF $24.99
132 pages
ISBN 978-0998547701
Published 2017-05-15

Geographic Information Systems are a compelling way to present data as well as offering a learning platform for students to become proficient with a variety of digital, graphical, analytical and technical skills.

Open the Door to GIS offers a way for teachers to use this powerful software in their classes without having to become experts, with freely downloadable Open-Source GIS, QGIS.

Using one of the oldest forms of teaching in the world, storytelling, each chapter offer students a fun and engaging way to learn about GIS, with a weekly story and activity, covering one semester. Students will work with different characters in each chapter to fulfill a task such as going on a treasure hunt, making a 3D map and creating a computer game. Students are supported throughout with easy to follow instructions that encourage their creativity and reflection.

Open the Door to GIS is recommended for students age 10 to 15 years and is available as both a Teacher and Student edition.

Checkout the Chapter 4, Treasure Hunt, for a sample of the book's content.

About the Author

Toni Fisher has been on a lifelong adventure beginning in Canada and settling, most recently, in Scotland via the US, Switzerland, Fiji and Wales. Toni has gathered experience while working in government, industry, and education fueled by her continued interest in trying to empower and encourage learners to be able to learn anything and everything.

Toni holds Undergrad degrees in Philosophy and Environmental Studies and Master's degrees in GIS and Education. She is a Certified Technical Trainer, a Certified Member of the Association of Learning Technologists, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a GISP.


  • Foreword to Teacher
  • Chapter One: Open the Doors
  • Chapter Two: Come to My Party
  • Chapter Three: Freedom
  • Chapter Four: Treasure Hunt
  • Chapter Five: Just Give it a Try
  • Chapter Six: Flight Path
  • Chapter Seven: Group Work Groan
  • Chapter Eight: Magic of Mapping
  • Chapter Nine: Story Map
  • Chapter Ten: GIS Quest Game
  • Chapter Eleven: Mission Accomplished
  • Glossary of Terms

Toni Fisher

Toni Fisher, author of On the Way with GIS at Locate Press}}
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Toni has a background in both GIS and Education, in several different countries and on different continents, in GIS planning, development and implementation, as well as in teaching.

She also has a strong interest in storytelling as a method of learning and proposes this as both a way of teaching GIS to students and as a way for them to learn GIS effectively.

Toni believes that GIS software is exciting and fun to learn about and to learn with. Everyone should give it a try!

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