Open Source Geospatial Books

QGIS for Hydrological Applications

Recipes for Catchment Hydrology and Water Management

by Hans van der Kwast and Kurt Menke


Page 14, section 1.2 has to be replaced with this text:

Have a look at the scanned map and try to find the projection used. You can use any image viewing software fort his.

  • Which projection was used?
  • Look for the EPSG code at and write it down
  1. Start QGIS 3.4 Desktop
  2. In the main menu choose Project | Properties
  3. In the CRS dialogue set the projection of the project to the EPSG code that you have found (26718)
  4. Click OK.

In Chapter 3, roads.tif has the following legend:

0: no roads
1: dirt road
2: tarmac

In Chapter 3, Page 86 step 4:

The default Minimum Slope [Degree] should be 0.01 like in the screenshot of Figure 4.25.

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