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A Journey to Open Source GIS (Preview)

How to Succeed as a GIS Rebel

by Mark Seibel

PDF $5.00
48 pages
ISBN (PDF) 978-1738767502
Published 2023-02-02 

In this preview chapter, we share the first two chapters of Mark's lessons learned by moving toward open source GIS. These chapters cover a core introduction to GIS concepts and explain the differences between open source and proprietary GIS software.

This book is in development and offered as a preview of the full book offered at a lower cost. However, it is not short on content. There are 50 pages of GIS in a nutshell and helping those who are new to GIS get up to speed with the basic concepts. And those who are familiar with GIS can get up to speed with open source concepts.

Introductory concepts include defining GIS terms, explaining job roles and certifications, as well as sharing the common paths to become a professional. What is open source and proprietary software? Mark explains it clearly and succinctly in an informal, conversational style that is approachable and down to earth.

Preview Chapter

These two complete chapters include:

  • What is GIS?
    • What can GIS do?
    • Why use GIS?
    • Most important components in GIS
    • GIS titles and roles
    • Careers using GIS, and more.
    What is open source & proprietary software?
    • Free and open source software (FOSS)
    • Commercial & proprietary software
    • Why commercial software loses against FOSS, and more.

The next version of the book will include much more, here is a sampling:

  • GIS 101: Stuff Learned in University
  • Where's OSS?
  • Foundational GIS Concepts
  • Entry Level Work & Broken Software
    • Where to Begin?
    • The Entry Level Work-Experience Paradox
    • Small Layover in GPS Technician Work
    • Public Works - No Thank You
    • 1990s GIS History
  • Environmental Consulting
  • The Big Switcheroo
  • How Open Source GIS Saved Me
    • The Joy of GIS Returns
    • Hydrological Modeling in GRASS GIS
    • Web Mapping Goes Mainstream
    • Intro to LiDAR
    • Getting Involved
  • Unstoppable Success with Open Source GIS
  • The Fun Side of GIS
    • Modeling Minecraft Worlds from LiDAR
    • Integrating Bathymetry with LiDAR Topography
  • Enterprise GIS Database Library
  • Geoblockchain - A Theoretical Use Case for Blockchain and GIS Data
  • The Big GIS Secret
    • Putting It All Together
    • Top Five GIS Mistakes
    • The Secret to GIS Success
    • GIS in Organizations: Technology & Users
    • Enterprise GIS
  • Can't Beat Passion With Payments
    • Why Limit Yourself?
    • Keep Your Chin Up
    • The Future of GIS


  • Full Ebook version: Coming Q2 2023

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For more than 24 years, Mark Seibel has utilized GIS to solve a wide range of complex problems using GIS spatial analysis and scientific modeling in the environmental consulting field. He has been a power user of GRASS GIS and open source software for 19 years and ESRI GIS software for 24 years. He was the first in the state of Florida to receive Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) agency approval to delineate streambanks using GIS-based scientific modeling techniques. Over a five year cost of ownership, he has saved his organization over $43,000 in spatial database server software and at least $46,000 in desktop software. He has a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Stockton University, and held three Linux certifications as well as a Boundless Geoserver certification over the years.

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