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Discover QGIS

A Workbook for the Award Winning GeoAcademy Curriculum

by Kurt Menke

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PDF $32.99
472 pages
ISBN 978-0989421768
Published 2016-07-11

Get Mapping with Discover QGIS!

Get your hands on the award winning GeoAcademy exercises in a convenient workbook format. The GeoAcademy is the first ever GIS curriculum based on a national standard—the U.S. Department of Labor’s Geospatial Competency Model—a hierarchical model of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to work as a GIS professional in today’s marketplace.

Originally written for QGIS v2.4, the GeoAcademy material in this workbook has been updated for use with QGIS v2.14, Inkscape v0.91, and GRASS GIS v7.0.3. This is the most up-to-date version of the GeoAcademy curriculum. To aid in learning, all exercise data includes solution files.

The workbook is edited by one of the lead GeoAcademy authors, Kurt Menke, a highly experienced FOSS4G educator.

FOr a complete list of the chapters and topics covered, take a look at the detailed Table of Contents

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  • Introduction to Geospatial Technology
    • Spatial Data Models
    • Displaying Geospatial Data
    • Creating Geospatial Data
    • Understanding Remote Sensing and Analysis
    • Basic Geospatial Analysis Techniques
  • Spatial Analysis
    • Reviewing the Basics of Geospatial Data
    • Introduction to Geospatial Analysis
    • Advanced Attributes and Spatial Queries for Data Exploration
    • Vector Data Analysis – Overlay Techniques
    • Vector Data Analysis – Creating a Site Selection Model
    • Vector Data Analysis – Network Analysis
    • Raster Data Analysis – Working with Topographic Data
    • Raster Data Analysis – Density Surfaces
  • Data Acquisition and Management
    • Reviewing the Basics of Geospatial Data
    • Setting up a Project Database
    • Vector Data Quality
    • Spatial Data Quality
    • Raster Data Structure
    • Data Sources
    • Cartographic Design
      • Creating a Colorful Map of the United States of America
      • Exploring Coordinate Systems and Map Projections
      • Map Elements and Design
      • IDP and Refugee Proportional Symbol Map
      • IDP and Refugee Proportional Symbol Map – Designing the Final Map
      • Countries with Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons Over 1 Million Map Design
      • Design and Label a Downtown Street Map
    • Remote Sensing
      • Image Composite, Mosaic, Subset
      • Image Rectification
      • Unsupervised Classification
      • Supervised Classification
      • Accuracy Assessment
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