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Leaflet Cookbook

Recipes for Creating Dynamic Web Maps

by Numa Gremling

PDF $26.50
250 pages
ISBN 999-99999999
Published TBD

Cook up dynamic web maps using the recipes in the Leaflet Cookbook.

Leaflet Cookbook will guide you in getting started with Leaflet, the leadling open-source JavaScript libary for creating interactive maps. You'll move swiftly along from the basics to creating interesting and dynamic web maps.


The book is currently in development. A preview version will be available once the book is 75% complete, so check this page often.


  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. The Map
  4. Map Controls
  5. Vector Layers
  6. Raster Layers and Web Services
  7. Getters and Setters
  8. Layout and Styling
  9. Events and Event Objects
  10. Geoprocessing with Turj.js
  11. Mobile Development
  12. Advanced Topics