Data Repository for the QGIS Map Design Book

Repository download: (302M zipped, 975M unzipped).

To use, unzip the distribution. This will give you a set of directories containing everything you need to work with the book:

|-- geodata
|   |-- GRAY_LR_SR_OB
|   |-- NE1_LR_LC
|-- images
|-- models
|-- projects
|-- resources

This book requires QGIS 2.14 LTR---the project files won't work with previous versions. You are still free to work through the recipes to build up your own project file. Some of the recipes can be used with previous versions of QGIS.

Minimium QGIS version for each of the "QGIS Map Design" project files:

age_defined_style.qgs:               2.11.0-Master
attribute_tables.qgs:                2.12.0-Lyon
bivariate_choropleths.qgs:           2.14.0-Essen
choropleth_gdp.qgs:                  2.14.0-Essen
citylabels.qgs:                      2.14.0-Essen
color_blending_A.qgs:                2.12.0-Lyon
color_blending_B.qgs:                2.12.0-Lyon
curved_area_labels.qgs:              2.14.0-Essen
custom_svgs.qgs:                     2.12.0-Lyon
customized_legend.qgs:               2.11.0-Master
electionMN.qgs:                      2.14.0-Essen
global_connections.qgs:              2.12.1-Lyon
google_road_labels.qgs:              2.14.0-Essen
google_roads.qgs:                    2.14.0-Essen
gradient_legend.qgs:                 2.14.0-Essen
graduated_symbol_sizes.qgs:          2.12.3-Lyon
graticules.qgs:                      2.14.0-Essen
handplaced_labels.qgs:               2.12.0-Lyon
highlight_area.qgs:                  2.14.0-Essen
hillshade.qgs:                       2.14.0-Essen
infographics_japan.qgs:              2.14.0-Essen
layout_basics.qgs:                   2.12.0-Lyon
map_series.qgs:                      2.14.0-Essen
multiline_labels_japan.qgs:          2.14.0-Essen
overview_maps.qgs:                   2.14.0-Essen
restricted_labeling.qgs:             2.11.0-Master
river_lables.qgs:                    2.14.0-Essen
scalebars.qgs:                       2.14.0-Essen
shapeburst_fills_A.qgs:              2.14.0-Essen
shapeburst_fills_B.qgs:              2.14.0-Essen
small_multiples.qgs:                 2.14.0-Essen
tanaka.qgs:                          2.14.0-Essen
text_buffers.qgs:                    2.12.0-Lyon
typecase_and_letter_spacing.qgs:     2.12.0-Lyon
working_with_scale.qgs:              2.12.0-Lyon