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Geemap and Earth Engine

Develop Interactive Web Mapping Apps

by Qiusheng Wu Ph.D.

50 pages
Published 04-01-2022 

Get started using Google Earth Engine with the geemap package and Jupyter notebooks with Python and JavaScript for Geospatial applications.

In this quickstart guide you will learn to use Google Earth Engine to build an app in a few different ways. The geemap module helps make it easy to access the cloud processing platforms.

With this book you'll learn about:

  • Using JavaScript to build an Earth Engine app
  • Publishing an app built in Python using geemap
  • Deploy apps locally and using cloud platforms
  • Using Streamlit to build an app
  • Resources for further help and study


  • Ebook version: Coming April 2022

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Dr. Qiusheng Wu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK). His research interests include Geographic Information Science (GIS), remote sensing, and environmental modeling. More specifically, he is interested in applying geospatial big data, machine learning, and cloud computing (e.g., Google Earth Engine, Microsoft Planetary Computer) to study environmental change, especially surface water and wetland inundation dynamics. Dr. Wu is an advocate of open science and reproducible research. He has developed various open-source packages for advanced geospatial analysis (e.g., geemap, leafmap, lidar).

More information about his open-source projects can be found on Github and hundreds of GIS and mapping videos on YouTube.

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